These pieces are no longer available for purchase from the artist.   They are in private collections.  Included are one of a kind pieces and closed editions. Some similar pieces may be available in the future.

Sprocket - 2 inches tall, 3 inches long.

Tickles is a ten-inch bear with an open mouth.

Spooky - 10 inches.

Acorn is a 2 inch needle felted fullly jointed bear.

Sparky - 2 inches tall.

Group of bears - three to four inches tall.

Three-inch bear on six inch giraffe.

Seventeen inch tall Phoebe.

Vonnie - four inch pink silk blend and Ronnie - 5.5 inch brown mohair.

Two-inch tall pink mohair pig.

Periwinkle four inch purse bear.

Five inch aged gold mohair bear.

Nola - four inches.

Ralphie, three inch tall bear with muslin jacket.

Four inch mohair monkey.

Five inch Gwen