You must be a resident of Iowa to belong to the Iowa Teddy Bear Makers' Guild.  In order to be considered for membership, the pattern of the bear you submit must be designed totally by you.  No bears made from commercial patterns or designed by anyone other than you will be accepted.  Only one bear design (pattern) will be reviewed for the selection process.  The bear will be evaluated on:

How to Apply

If you would like to apply for membership with the Iowa Teddy Bear Makers' Guild, you must submit:

Submit to Secretary

Your application materials can be submitted to the Guild secretary.  Please call or e-mail the secretary to make arrangements for delivery.  The Guild will make every effort to see that all bears are properly cared for while they are in our custody.  However, the Guild is not able to accept financial responsibility for them.  After the Guild has reviewed the bears, they will be shipped back to you COD unless you make other arrangements in advance.


You will be advised of the Guild's decision in writing promptly after your work has been reviewed.  Once you have been accepted for membership, you will have six months in which to join the Guild.  During that time, you may attend one meeting before making a final decision about joining.  Please send written acceptance of Guild membership to the Guild secretary when you have made your decision.  At that time, you will receive yourcopy of the file for Guild hang-tags.  (If you make your decision at your Guild meeting, you can inform the Guild secretary then.)

The Guild Membership Application Form will be available here shortly or you can contact the Guild secretary.