The Iowa Teddy Bear Makers' Guild was started in 1987 by a group of Iowa bear makers led by Steve Schutt, Charlotte Joynt and Anne Cranshaw.  Today we meet several times a year to network, share sources and experiences, plan exhibitions of our work in Iowa and have retreats.  We try to put on one Guild show each year.  When one is scheduled, information will be posted here.


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Photos of Our Members and Their Work

Cindy Hom, Peggy Fleming, Susan McCay, Linda Dorr

Teaching a Class: Susan, Peggy, Kim

KimBerly Dobstaff-Sharrot

Jo-an Gast (left) visits with a customer

Steve Schutt exhibiting at the Atherton House in Adel, Iowa.

Cindy Hom's work

Susan McCay's work

Linda Dorr's work

Armella Dana's work

Photos courtesy Cindy Hom

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